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Bayberry Beer Hall brings an iconic German experience to Providence

Think of a German beer hall, and you’ll probably imagine a boisterous place with heavy food and even heavier drinking. Bayberry Beer Hall, tucked into a quiet street on the West Side, is Providence’s lighter take on the concept, a self-described “modern American beer hall.”

Bayberry is as much garden as hall. The lofty former stable is strung with small globe lights and brightened by a wall of live vines. A photo of the space might fool you into thinking it’s outside.

But Bayberry is far from traditional. Beer isn’t available in Oktoberfest-style liters; patrons instead sip from dainty tulip glasses. The food is light and creative, showcasing a variety of local ingredients. And don’t expect dirndl-clad waitresses toting trays of beer – Bayberry is self-service unless you sit at the bar. Some may balk at the lack of waitstaff, but Bayberry’s setup is advantageous: you can order separately and avoid complicated check-splitting, or you can order before the rest of your table arrives, putting less pressure on the kitchen during a busy Saturday night.

Bayberry has another fine feature: brunch. My husband and I recently found a seat at one of its picnic tables, which are communal and have a modernist angularity. The brunch menu is short but covers all the bases, with breakfast dishes alongside a smattering of dinner items. I ordered the Seasonal Frittata, made with turnips, shallots, and feta. I often find myself disappointed by brunch potatoes, but the “peewee” potatoes accompanying my dish were exceptional, crispy and well-seasoned. My husband’s Huevos Rancheros, a special, was a colorful plate of blue and white corn tortillas, beans with pork belly, and two sunny-side-up eggs.


Bayberry Beer Hall
381 West Fountain Street • 401-383-9487

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