Chefs Feeding Kids Helps Make April Break Delicious…and Nutritious!

CFK Visits YWCA Community Center in Providence

Today was an exciting day for the kids of  YWCA Community Center in Providence as they received a pizza making class over their April break! Chefs Feeding Kids and Federal Hill Pizza collaborated with the YWCA Community Center to teach about the healthy components of pizza in the Manton/Mt. Pleasant sections of Providence. To start things off Chef Billy Manzo spoke with the kids about the joys of being a chef and how his hard work and education helped mold his professional background. Chef Billy reminded the kids to start shaping their goals and commitments at their age now to achieve success in their futures. He spoke of his childhood in Providence and how he is  committed to the development of the community.

Each child worked with a ball of dough while they anxiously awaited their opportunity to make a pizza. It was quite the sight to see as the kids laughed and played with their dough, with the best part being able to get messy! As the dough would get stuck all over their hands they tried to pull it apart as the kids said “just like slime!!” they learned about the dough and what it took to make it.  The kids attempted to unstick their fingers as they learned about the science behind their dough ball. As they started to add flour to it slowly, they realized how they could mold their dough into a ball which could then be rolled out into a pizza shell. The whole process was filled a lot of laughs and a lot of messy hands.

The kids were eager to then get down to business and start making their pizzas. You couldn’t keep them from smiling as they added their own personal flair to their pizzas. While some of the kids were delicate with cheese placement, others went all out and added shredded cheese by the masses. You could see the pride on their faces when their masterpieces came out of the oven; finally ready to dig in. While making their pizzas, the kids also received another mini-lesson on nutrition. This included some facts about tomatoes, cheese, and how Federal Hill Pizza omits sugar from their dough.  The explanation on combining all three food groups of fruit, dairy, and grains allows them a nutritionally dense meal resonated with the kids on how the integrity food is compromised when junk like sugar and additives is added into the food we eat.

In the end, CFK thanked all of the food partners who generously donated product to allow for this wonderful (and nutritional!) experience to happen.  Chefs Feeding Kids greatly thanks Performance Food Group for their generous product donation as well as Federal Hill Pizza for their time and contribution. It’s businesses like Performance Food Group that allow Chefs Feeding Kids to make an impact on kids lives by teaching children about the joys of cooking and healthy eating.

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by Sara Murphy